Wet Season

During March we measured more than 1.5 metres of rain which, not surprisingly, flooded our low lying areas quite extensively. It has been several years since we have experienced a “good wet” and the land seems rejuvenated.
Designed to withstand floodwater
We’ve seen flocks of Dollarbirds and Rainbow Bee-eaters flying around above the wetland recently, enjoying the large numbers of insects available at this time of the year. A Juvenile Helmeted Friarbird has been driving its parents crazy with insistent calls and it looks nearly adult size. There are many Drongoes about as well as Metallic Starlings with juveniles recently seen feeding on a bunch of ripening bananas that I had missed.

Many Silvereyes feeding on Glochidion spp. and I was fortunate to be able to observe three Fig-parrots preening and cuddling up to each other on a bamboo culm during a break in the rain.

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