Early June visitors

During the last 10 days we’ve enjoyed some lovely sights here on the property. The appearance of Magpie Geese plus very young goslings on May 31st was quite a surprise but unfortunately they moved on the next day. Our large areas of sedge provide wonderful cover for them but perhaps there is not enough suitable food for the goslings. It was lovely having the opportunity to watch them from the hide as the 6 adults and 11 goslings moved around the wetland.

We had a pair of Hardheads or White-eyed ducks visiting for more than a week, the Little Pied Cormorant, Darter and Azure Kingfisher have been fishing regularly while the Forest Kingfisher and Rainbow Bee-eaters are often to be seen enjoying a bathe.

We are frequently sighting female/immature Victoria’s Riflebirds in the garden environs as well as in the orchard feeding on ripe Black Sapote.
On June 7th we saw a Lewin’s Honeyeater for the first time this year and later heard it calling loudly as if to confirm its presence in the garden.

Today a small flock of Wandering Whistling ducks was to be seen checking out the new ponds, while this is not their first visit it is always lovely to see them.

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