October Notes

We are now starting to see mudflats appearing on the wetlands after a 7-week period with virtually no rainfall.
Notes from the bird hide
* a small flock of Little Friarbirds hunting for insects over the swamp
* early morning views of a white-browed Crake darting around clumps of sedge
* Clamorous Reed-Warbler in the morning sun on the edge of the wetland
* Brown-backed honeyeaters nest building then enjoying a bath at the end of the day
* Buff-banded Rail making use of the exposed mud
* Latham’s or Swinhoe’s Snipe made a brief stopover
* Large-tailed Nightjar at dusk flying low over the water
Observations from around the property
* a family of Pied Monarchs not far from Barratt Creek
* nesting Wompoo Fruit Dove on the edge of a pathway
* many families of Lovely Wrens
* busy Fig-parrots inspecting potential nesting sites
* Macleays, Dusky, Yellow-spotted and Graceful Honeyeaters feeding on the brilliantly flowered Callistemons
* large numbers of fruit-eating and nectar feeding birds enjoying
our plentiful native food sources

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