May Update

With the above average rainfall this ‘wet season’ the swamps are overflowing and all our newly planted areas have certainly been well watered. It is very rewarding to observe the general increase in our local bird population as our revegetation efforts extend the suitable habitat.

For some weeks we have been listening to flocks of Double-eyed Fig-parrots flying about. We estimate at least 100 of these delightful little parrots are frequenting some of our large native Figs. They make a spectacular sight noisily flying from their feeding trees to other non-fruiting trees nearby where they preen and socialise.

There are many juvenile birds of different species learning to fend for themselves on the property but we have particularly enjoyed watching an immature Spotted Catbird asserting its rights to feed in a Leea indica (Bandicoot Berry) over those of a bossy male Figbird. Other highlights include regular observations of young Buff-breasted Paradise Kingfishers, Azure Kingfisher and Victoria’s Riflebird.

A healthy breeding population of many species of birds is a wonderful reward for us.

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