November News Snippets

White-browed Crake frequently calling to each other, flying low over the mass of water lilies and feeding along the muddy edges in the shelter of the sedge. Often they venture onto the lily pads, fluttering about to stir up the insects which they feed on as well as water lily seeds.
The Bush Stone-Curlew are still a family of 3 with their one chick now about adult size.
A single male Green Pygmy-Goose arrived and after some hesitant introductions he has attached himself to the trio although he is often observed trailing behind them.
Pheasant Coucal are obviously in full breeding plumage, their gurgling calls part of the late afternoons on a hot day in Spring.
The Metallic Starling nesting tree is lively with offspring of all ages, some nearly fledging while others are still being fed in the nest. And in the centre of this huge native fig is the Brahminy Kite nest with an adult sitting and the other not usually too far away.

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