Winter in the Tropics

Another beautiful sunny day and there are birds everywhere. Victoria’s Riflebird is often observed in the house garden as well as being frequently seen along our walks. The noise of tearing bark often alerts us to its presence as it probes for insects with its amazing bill. The resident Honeyeaters are making the most of the fine weather and seem to be constantly on the move between flowers as well as enjoying some of the Black Sapotes that have been left to ripen on the trees in the orchard.

Our favourite specimen of Ficus benjamina is fruiting again; it is growing on an easily accessible slope so it is possible to look into the tree and watch Double-eyed Fig Parrot quite closely. We enjoy listening to their quiet chatter and the gentle sound of bits of fig falling to the ground as they carefully eat the tiny seeds. Their cryptic appearance makes it difficult to know how many are feeding in the tree until a large flock leaves near dusk.

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