A step in the right direction

For many years we have been considering our general energy consumption and in the last 18 months we have made some major changes.   Last week, after many months of planning, waiting and then changing contractors we were finally able to take a very big and exciting step forward.

We have had a 1.5kW grid connect solar power system installed.

We were delighted with the efficiency and enthusiasm of the installers and now we are thrilled to observe one of our meters going in the reverse direction!   There is now a wait for Ergon Energy to install digital meters that will record exactly how much power we are exporting to the grid so that we can be credited accurately.

We were able to take advantage of the Federal Government rebate which is available for a 1kW system and which we understand will not be continued after June 30th ’09.

Don’t miss out!

One response to “A step in the right direction

  1. Good to hear someone actually able to claim the rebates. Well done.

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