The deep single call of a Northern Barred Frog (Mixophyes schevilli) is a special excitement for us – further proof that our rehabilitation work is making a positive difference.  Last night as we set off with camera and spotlights to try and photograph a Garden Spider, we heard the call and located the Northern Barred with comparative ease.  They have a brilliant red eye shine – much brighter than the cane toads that we have been collecting around the property for more than two years.  We carry out cane toad patrols on a regular basis through the year however during the wet season we go for an after dinner walk about 3 times a week.  Although we have no illusions about being able to eradicate these poisonous pests we are seeing greater numbers of frogs and their associated predators.  Our evening strolls with spotlights and bags bring us many unexpected delights – and the Garden Spider is a perfect example.                     Photos coming soon……..

Mixophyes schevilli

Mixophyes schevilli

4 responses to “Waahk

  1. Hi Barbara
    What a great image of the frog. Its extra satisfying knowing that you have improved the environment, for its benefit. Well done.
    Is that a Centipede directly underneath his chest?

  2. Hey Denis well spotted! I was so excited about the frog and putting it on the blog that I didn’t see the Centipede …. now I’ll have to admit that we moved the frog from where it was sitting on the lawn in order to get a better photo. Maybe it ate the Centipede when we left it in peace.

  3. Nice of frog to sit for portrait. Does the red eye shine get lost during camera flash, or is auto red-eye reduction at work?

  4. Interesting point….while there is auto red-eye reduction on the camera we think the reason the eye looks blue is due to the angle of the camera. The eye shine is visible when looking along a reflected spotlight beam. And yes it was nice of the frog to sit for a portrait – much easier than birds!

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