Looking up and ….. down

Nephila pilipes with male

This is a more interesting photo of a younger Nephila pilipes clearly showing the diagnostic red palps although as the lighting was quite poor I had to use the flash and so her body colour is washed out .  The small spider on her back is one of several males which are present on the web which is attached to a rare climbing Pandanus (Freycinetia marginata).


And this is an Australian Wood Frog (Rana daemeli) well camouflaged on some leaf litter.   One of the many frog species on the increase at Wild Wings – always delightful to find that the eyeshine in the spotlight is another frog.

4 responses to “Looking up and ….. down

  1. Hi Barbara
    Stunning image of the spiders. Well done.

  2. Beautiful detail in both photos – but its the frog I really like!

  3. And thank you Mick.

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