Channel-billed Cuckoo

Channel-billed Cuckoo

Yesterday morning we woke to news of Cyclone Hamish being in our vicinity but apart from 79mm of rain yesterday it would seem we are lucky as Hamish is continuing on a southerly path.  This morning was fine and clear and the birds were all making the most of it.  A couple of Channel-billed Cuckoos were preening in the sun in a Paperbark (Melaleaca leucadendra) in the garden – a very tall Paperbark so I was still quite a distance away!  In the last few weeks we have seen and heard these ‘Stormbirds’ quite frequently so I was pleased to finally have the opportunity for a photo after having enjoyed a good long look through the binoculars.  The bill is such a dramatic feature its quite fascinating to look at closely – it looked clumsy for the preening job but seemed to work well.

6 responses to “Cuckoo

  1. Nice photo of a very interesting bird. I’ve seen these birds but no photo yet. The cyclone track is showing it coming down the coast with no knowledge yet of how far it will get. I just hope its not this far!

  2. Thanks Mick, it was fun having a good long look – so often you only hear the raucous screech as they fly overhead.

  3. Raucous indeed. They do love and clearly feel most secure in very tall trees. Haven’t seen many around Ingham lately. But then as ‘stormbirds’ they’re no more reliable as weather harbingers than Koels and other species sometimes given the same tag.

  4. I agree Tony, I certainly wouldn’t rely on the ‘stormbirds’ for my weather predictions. Thank you for your interesting comment about the CB Cuckoo’s preference for very tall trees.

  5. we live in toongabbie nsw, this past week one of the above birds has been around, hence my original querie, as we had not seen it before, magpies & myrna birds were attacking it I think the hail we’ve had has sent it somewhere else thanks for the answer

  6. I’m with Wires, we just rescued one in Piermont, Sydney…..the vet’s given it the OK and its going to a carer before release. They’re great looking birds and those red eyes up close are something else….you should hear the screech from a foot away

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