A Right Royal Dragonfly

Finally … after several days of hard physical work we took some time off to relax and enjoy our surroundings while taking some photos.   Between us we’ve identified a couple more tiny Damselflies, sorted out the differences between some closely related Orthetrums and found another member of Libellulidae.  The Water Prince or perhaps a Princess? Hydrobasileus brevistylus is the only Australian species of the genus, which is also found in South-East Asia, Indonesia, New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.



I knew this Orthetrum sabina (Slender Skimmer) was carrying something when I first saw it but it was only as I got closer I realized it’s victim was in fact another Dragonfly, possibly another Orthetrum species but it is difficult to be confident about the identification of the victim.

7 responses to “A Right Royal Dragonfly

  1. Great detail in the photos again. The ‘victim’ looks almost as big as the one that’s eating it.

  2. Yes Mick I was quite surprised. There are so many different Dragonflies about at the moment it is irresistible to keep trying for better photos!

  3. Fascinating shots, Barbara.
    You have done well there.

  4. It’s fun chasing after alluring beauties, isn’t it? But frustrating that some seem seldom ever to alight!

  5. Thank you Denis – some perseverance and a bit of luck as well!

    Yes Tony it is lots of fun but can be very frustrating. Have you seen Tholymis tillarga (Twister)at Tyto? We seem to have them on many of our ponds – a red/orange blur of wings with a blue mark that is quite discernible even when they are in flight. However, as we have yet to see one land anywhere, we only have a couple of poor photos.

  6. G’day Barbara,
    Nice work, great detail.

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