A Splash of Colour

durabaculum-nindii This spectacular tropical epiphytic orchid has recently been separated into a new Genus along with D. mirbelianum (Mangrove Orchid), previously both were included with Dendrobium.  It must surely rank as the longest-caned Orchid, with the flowers pictured on a cane over 2 metres in length.

Unfortunately many Durobaculum nindii have been “saved” by avid Orchid lovers not content with seeing a plant in its natural state.   At Wild Wings & Swampy Things finding a flowering native orchid which has naturally established itself  is one of the rewards we enjoy as areas of revegetation mature.

5 responses to “A Splash of Colour

  1. Hi Barbara
    Its a triumph of a revegation project, to find such a wonderful plant growing in your “patch”. Congratulations.
    My local Orchids are mostly tiny, by the way.
    You Queenslanders do things differently.

  2. Just looked it up in Jones’s book, and he says it is “endangered”, with a very restricted distribution.
    All the more reason to treasure it.

  3. Hi Denis
    Thank you – we appreciate your enthusiasm. We also have some very small orchids eg. Oberona titania; Sarcochilus minutiflos. Future postings perhaps?

  4. G’day Barbara,
    I concur with Denis. Hard to beat seeing a beautiful plant like that in its natural environment.

  5. Thanks Gouldiae,
    We’re lucky to live in such a special place and its fun to share some of the highlights with you and others of like mind.

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