Life on the Ponds

Feeding with a friend

Feeding with a friend

This immature Jacana and solitary female Green Pygmy-goose spent several days together on one of our ponds – I’m not sure who was helping who or if they just felt comfortable being together. We usually see Pygmy-geese in pairs so I don’t know what the story is with this single female and after almost a week in residence we haven’t seen her for several days now.

Jacana's defense

Jacana's defense

One afternoon last week I was enjoying a few quiet moments in the hide, observing the Magpie  Geese and watching this twosome working their way up the pond towards me when a Forest Kingfisher swooped low across the pond towards them.    The photo shows the defensive pose the Jacana took as the Kingfisher flew towards it  – I thought I might have got a flash of blue wing in a corner of the photo but no………  After two “attacks”  the Jacana and the Pygmy-goose moved back up the pond out of the Forest Kingfisher’s territory.

Magpie Goose watching the action

Magpie Goose watching the action

And watching all this excitement was the Magpie Goose on “lookout” duty.  Even though most of the flock will feed at times during the day there will always be at least one roosting high in a tree ready to give a warning of ‘danger’ .

Magpie Geese, with their half-webbed feet, frequently roost in trees but their perching behaviour often appears quite awkward and they are apt to misjudge the strength of branches with somewhat unfortunate results for the tree.  During the day they seem just as comfortable resting on a handy clump of sedge or a sunny bank until it is time to feed or bath again.

Sometimes on clear moonlit nights we hear Magpie Geese calling  softly as they fly around the property or arrive late from another venue.

4 responses to “Life on the Ponds

  1. Beautiful photos and you have such a fascinating environment up there. Lovely to be able to watch the birds like that.

  2. Thanks Mick, as the water level drops in the ponds we start to see more bird life from the hide so I look forward to the next few months.

  3. Beautiful spot to live and observe nature.

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