Slippery as an…..

In pursuit of an eel More action on the muddy puddle!  I heard a guttural croak and saw a Great Egret in hot pursuit of another that had been lucky/smart enough to capture an eel.  The pursuer gave up the chase quite quickly but the captor of the eel still took quite a few minutes to kill and swallow its prey.  This process mostly seemed to involve a fierce grip on the eel, an occasional shake and a rinse?  in the water.

A firm grip by the head

Swallowing eel 1

Finally it managed to swallow.

Swallowing eel

And then it stood still looking, I thought, a bit uncomfortable…….or is it just too easy to anthropomorphize?

7 responses to “Slippery as an…..

  1. Nope. I think some big prey does leave birds feeling strain in throat. Don’t think they’re able – or concerned – to kill before gulping victims down.

    • I wasn’t wearing a watch but I would have said that the Egret was holding the eel in its bill for at least 5 minutes before it attempted to swallow it and all the time it was walking around. Although I agree that the bird wouldn’t have killed the eel it didn’t appear to be wriggling as much …. quietened by the grip on its head perhaps?

  2. Great set of shots! I once saw a white ibis catch and swallow an eel but didn’t get to photograph it.

  3. Nice one Barbara,
    You’re right about that last shot – indigestion?

  4. Hi Barbara
    Great series of shots.
    I’d say indigestion is the problem.

  5. It certainly looked like a case of indigestion didn’t it? Sorry to be so long acknowledging your comments Gouldiae and Denis …..I’ve been distracted, it can happen easily.

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