Cassowary update

I just can’t resist putting up one more photo – over the past two weeks we have had a number of sightings of this beautiful bird.  She appears to be coming in daily to forage on whatever fruit is on the ground.

2 responses to “Cassowary update

  1. I wouldn’t mind seeing a lot more photos of this bird, please! It’s just great that it is still wondering around your place. (For your enjoyment) there is a yard a little way from my house which has life-sized garden ornaments of a family of these birds – male, female and chicks – standing prominently in the front yard!

  2. This is the Cassowary Conservation website of C4 based in Mission Beach.

    There will be many photo galleries on here in the future. There is also a Facebook group called Mission Beach Cassowaries and Facebook page to come.

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