Away from home……..

A family visit to Brisbane is giving us a chance to see a few birds we don’t see in the far north tropical lowlands as well as some familiar birds in a different environment – it is all most enjoyable.

Our first ‘outing’ was to  Boondall Wetlands and Nudgee  beach which had a less than promising start when we were confronted by this sign and the noise of a very busy Helicopter.

Further inquiries revealed that the control agent was biological which was a relief but there are still some concerns for us relating to the unknown effects this type of control  may have on this habitat.   Although it was certainly a pleasant relief not to be attacked by mosquitoes as we walked along the boardwalk through Mangroves it did seem rather strange.  I was actually relieved when one landed on my arm!  This is the link if you want further information –

With a low tide, conditions were perfect for watching Collared Kingfisher (Todiramphus chloris) securing a good feed of soldier crabs as they moved en masse across the mudflats.

We also managed a good view of Mangrove Gerygone (Gerygone levigaster) although no photograph good enough to publish.

Great Egret (Ardea alba) was also taking advantage of a plentiful food supply.

And this Pale-headed Rosella is one of the frequent visitors to be found amongst the trees at my daughter’s home near Logan Village.  There are many other birds to enjoy … and now I’m heading out to do just that.

4 responses to “Away from home……..

  1. That’s a nice lot of birds from a change in environment. There are some there I would like to see and photograph – I’m thinking I need to move out and about a bit more during this winter season when the shorebirds have flown north!

    • Hi Mick, yes its good fun – we’ve just returned from re-visiting Eagleby Wetlands near Beenleigh. A wonderful morning with just over 50 species seen in 3 hours ….. we’re not “twitchers” but we made a list because we were so impressed with the number and variety of species. Some okay photos but there was so much happening that it was hard to concentrate for too long on one bird in case we missed something else!

  2. It’s lovely to have you visiting Mum 🙂 Check it out – your visit to choir rehearsal last night got blogged!

    • And its lovely to spend some time with you too – just wish we could stay longer so that I could help you with the gardening but I’ve made a start this morning….

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