Bird hide view – water off a duck’s back

While we are continuing to experience regular rainfall which makes bird observation and any camera work somewhat of a challenge there is lots happening out there.

I’ve spent a bit of time recently in our bird hide which is really quite a comfortable place to be and its fun to sit and experience the rain coming across the water without actually getting wet!

Wild_Wings_Swampy_Things_Wetland_Saw-shelled Turtle

This Saw-shelled Turtle (Elseya latisternum) was enjoying a bit of warmth but then……………

Wild_Wings_Swampy_Things_Wetland_Saw-shelled Turtle                     

….well this rain is intensifying, might just as well get back in the water!


However, the rain didn’t make any difference to these Green Pygmy-geese (Nettapus pulchellus).  I am very fond of these delightful little ducks and very happily watched a trio, busily feeding on seeds and flowers of Water Snowflake (Nymphoides indica) and Bladderwort (Utricularia aurea).  The heavy rain made no apparent difference to them as the water droplets just rolled off their backs!

2 responses to “Bird hide view – water off a duck’s back

  1. I love those photos of the turtle Mum – great capture. Re our convo yesterday, I was just taking a look at Nikon’s prime telephoto lenses – hmmm, I think that’s definitely going to be a purchase you take some time considering!

  2. Nice images in the rain Barbara.
    Loved the Turtle doing a dive.
    Pygmy Geese are very cute.

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