Ducks a-dabbling…..

Paddling around on ‘weed patrol’ is not the arduous task it used to be – although it will always be a necessary part of wetland maintenance.

I apologized to a Jacana for disturbing it yet again as I made my way through a carpet of Daintree water lilies while  admiring their colours which range from a rich pink through to a violet blue.   A movement on the water at the far end of the pond caught my eye and I watched with absolute delight as a pair of Wandering Whistling duck rapidly encouraged their young ducklings to take cover in the sedge.  Later in the day I managed a quick photo from a distant vantage point but even then my presence was making the birds nervous so we have left them alone.  The photo below is very small but if you click to enlarge then you have a chance of seeing a few of the 13 ducklings I counted.

wild_wings_swampy_things_birds_whistling ducks_ducklings

and there’s more news from the swamp…………….


Some recent behaviour amongst a small flock of resident Magpie Geese has caused us to wonder if perhaps they might have had a nest – and on the same day I found the ducklings I caught a glimpse of a gosling.  Yesterday the parents were guarding their two offspring in a careful manner but didn’t mind the paparazzi as long as we stayed in the bird hide!


2 responses to “Ducks a-dabbling…..

  1. How lovely to have all those young ones on your wetland. It must give great satisfaction to know that you have created and are maintaining this beautiful place.

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