Quick update

Last Wednesday morning Yasi was on a direct course towards Daintree but luckily for us the predicted change to west south-westerly movement meant that we only just caught the very edge of the system for a couple of hours.   Although we have been without mains power since Wed evening we are in relative comfort compared to many others.  Broadband satellite still in operation but an electric lead running across our living-room floor to the ute’s battery in the carport mean only limited use of this equipment.

Power is now on in a few areas north of Mossman and Ergon Energy are doing their best – we’ll be back with more Dragonfly pictures soon. …. we are enjoying a lot of activity this season.

Great news that Tyto Tony and Bronwen have also escaped lightly.

6 responses to “Quick update

  1. More power to us all!

  2. Yes, power to the people! Electricity is slowly being restored, but is currently (!) still out at my place. Feel very sorry for the folks who will be without utilities for weeks because of the damage to transmission lines.

  3. Glad you came through it OK Barbara, and I hope the electricity company get a move on!

  4. Hi Tony, Snail, Mick,
    Ergon have done well up here – power went on at 4.30pm; much excitement! Such luxury that we all take for granted ….I hope others will be powered up soon.

  5. Hi Barb,
    Have been checking for your updates. Glad everything is ok. Take care.

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