Fruit-eaters in the garden

Photography has been quite a challenge recently – poor light conditions as well as an exceedingly damp atmosphere.   Last week  I thought I might have to test my abilities to write some descriptive prose without the benefit of colour illustrations.   However, luckily we have had a couple of sunny days ………………….


The first photo shows a Wompoo Fruit-dove (Ptilinopus magnificus) eating the fruit of a Bandicoot Berry (Leea indica) which just happens to be growing not far from our verandah.  From this angle, in the subdued afternoon light, you can see how the Wompoo blends so well into its environment but in the next shot this gorgeous plump pigeon is displaying its rich purple chest and golden yellow underparts.  Wompoos have a variety of strange calls, their common name is somewhat descriptive of a call one often hears in the forest but when they are feeding we mostly hear ‘puck, puck’ which triggers our response to  race for the camera!


The Bandicoot Berry is a fast growing large native shrub, which fruits frequently and so in times such as this when many other trees are not fruiting they are especially valuable.  This Spotted Catbird (Ailuroedus melanotis) has also been grabbing a quick snack .  Incidentally, we have never observed Bandicoots eating the fruit of Leea indica but perhaps they do when we’re not looking.


5 responses to “Fruit-eaters in the garden

  1. Figbird has taken over BB near Tyto lookout. I’ve been told of people having severe reaction to just licking fruit. Cursory Google search suggests this is unlikely, but I take few chances. Maybe bandicoots also avoid BBs.

  2. So far I’ve felt no desire to lick the BB fruit – Allen makes me a very good fruit salad every morning!
    BBs are certainly popular with Oriole as well as Figbird – Superb Fruit-dove prefers Melicope.

  3. What a beautiful Pigeon.
    Nice post.
    Its great to have some berry trees around your house.

  4. Gosh I wish these birds had been there when we were sitting on your verandah. Great photos!

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