A different outlook

En route from Normanton to Burketown we had a marvellous morning birding – too busy looking through binos and enjoying the scene to try and take photos of Flock Bronzewing (they were too far away for our equipment) and the flock was wheeling around with a flock of Cockatiels.  Marvellous sight and one of those that will stay in our memories, so too will the Banded Plovers as both species were new to us.

This is just a quick post to say that we’re (obviously) away from home having left Wild Wings in the  care of a couple of very capable house-sitters, Nev and Dee.  Tomorrow we are heading for Boodjamulla, Lawn Hill National Park where we will base ourselves for the next week.  The weather is dry, in fact very dry, for a couple of rainforest creatures like us and we are using a lot of lip balm and moisturizer ….. well no actually Allen is not using the moisturizer although he probably should!  It is wonderful to be travelling self-contained with our tent, binos and a box of reference books – lots of fun.






4 responses to “A different outlook

  1. Hope you’ve got hot water bottles with all the rest of the camping gear!

  2. It sounds great. Hope you find another place where you can upload and share your travels.

  3. G’day Barbara,
    Wow, I’m impressed with your Flock Bronzewing sighting. Sounds a great trip – keep the posts coming.

  4. Warm enough at night Snail its getting up early in the morning that’s the killer.
    Thanks Mick and Gouldiae I’ll have a go at a post tonight if my fingers don’t freeze!

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