Boodjamulla – Lawn Hill National Park …. Part 2

Although we’ve been home for more than a week it has taken a little while to settle down to writing and we have had the distraction of family visiting as well – that’s enough excuses!  We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and have many treasured memories, not always accompanied by a photo! The following are a few of my favourites.

A view of the gorge in the early morning light from the Island Stack which is an easy walk from the camp.  It only took us about 20 minutes to reach the top and then we enjoyed a lovely stroll around the top.  Fairy Martins and Little Woodswallows were swooping across parts of the gorge and then flying back to rest momentarily as they soaked up the sun’s warmth.  We had our first good look at a Black-chinned Honeyeater with the beautiful, bright yellow back typical of race laetior and good views of a Sandstone Shrike-thrush singing from a vantage point on the cliff.

A Rock Wallaby remained partially hidden as it soaked up the sun on the opposite side of the gorge. ……. we watched it for quite a while to see what it did next.  After much washing and grooming it moved closer to the edge of its rock ledge, looked about as if sizing up the jump to the next rock and then disappeared out of view into the crevice – somewhat of an anticlimax!

We did see Purple-crowned Fairy-wrens, in fact they were often close by our tent, but like most wrens they seem to be constantly on the move or partially hidden by vegetation in or under which they feel more secure ……… if you peer closely at this photo you can just see the purple crown!

We had a little more success taking photos of reptiles – Varanus storri acreatus which the park ranger referred to as a Ridge-backed Monitor.  It is a most attactive reddish-brown in a net-like pattern, grows to about 400mm and has a  very spiny tail.

On our last evening at Boodjamulla we walked up to Duwadarri Lookout to enjoy the sunset – it wasn’t a brilliant red but it was a delightful experience to watch the light changing over the gorge as the sun went down.  We rested against warm rocks as the cool of the evening descended.

2 responses to “Boodjamulla – Lawn Hill National Park …. Part 2

  1. My, that’s some big, beautiful sky! I’m itching to get on the road again.

    • Yes I can understand that! I really haven’t seen much of Australia and the country we travelled through is so different from Daintree – a wonderful contrast. I’m looking forward to our next trip already even though it is lovely to be home.

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