Forest Kingfisher

Recently we had a phone call from an elderly resident in Daintree Village who had picked up a small Kingfisher which, although fully feathered, seemed unable to fly.  We arrived with a small box to find a distressed immature Forest Kingfisher being carried around in the hand – a quick glance didn’t show any major problems so we put the bird into our box and brought it home.  After a period of rest (for the bird) we gave it some water with a little glucodin and then tried unsuccessfully to get it to take some food.  As dusk deepened into dark we decided to leave the poor creature to rest and reassess the situation in the morning.

The bird, while immature, looked capable of being independent and as there were no Kingfisher nests in the vicinity we did wonder why it had been found hopping around on the ground.  On opening the box the next day we were greeted by a very lively looking bird so I suggested to Allen that we just see how well it could fly.  Not even a thanks as it took off through the garden!  So we now think it must have been a case of concussion, most likely caused by collision with a vehicle as it was found near the road.  This bird is one of the lucky ones and appeared to make a full recovery.

wild_wings_swampy_things_forest kingfisher

On several occasions Allen observed it feeding around Graham’s pond and then one day he was able to take these photos from the bird hide as a nearby branch made an ideal perch for the consumption of a small insect or spider.  We are sure this is the same bird we rescued and we’d like to have a happy ending to this story.

wild_wings_swampy_things_forest kingfisher

wild_wings_swampy_things_forest kingfisher

2 responses to “Forest Kingfisher

  1. Indeed a Happy Ending.
    I have never been so lucky.
    Most concussed birds I have necountered h\ave never recovered.
    Beautiful bird.
    Well Done.

  2. great story. He looks very happy now.

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