Keeping a low profile

We’ve been aware that our resident pair of Bush Stone-curlew have taken to spending more time in the area around the house rather than in the orchard which is adjacent to the creek.   Perhaps the regular calls of the Dingoes along the creek and in the hills was making them nervous or they just enjoy a bit of company – for whatever reason they have been hanging about amongst the clumping bamboos.   The culm sheaths which litter the ground under these giant clumps make quite good camouflage.

wild_wings_swampy_things_ bush stone curlew

The bird became a little nervous about the intrusion of the lens into its personal space but remained in the one place so we are wondering if it might be sitting on a egg or two.  The somewhat frantic evening serenade has been absent for a few nights now so they might be trying to keep their present locality a secret.   We’ll leave them in peace and hope they have some success in their breeding endeavours.

wild_wings_swampy_things_ bush stone curlew

2 responses to “Keeping a low profile

  1. Looking forward to good news in a few weeks.

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