Here Comes The Sun …………

I was just reading Snails blog and feeling as gloomy about the weather as she does when suddenly the outside world lit up with brilliant sunshine – I can see blue skies!!!!   So we’re heading ‘over the river’ today.  For those of you not familiar with our geographical position – we live about 12 km from the Daintree River ferry,  so its only a short trip for us to drive into the Daintree rainforest.  We’re on a mission today to do a brief assessment of some blocks of land that may be suitable acquisitions for Rainforest Rescue for whom Allen and I do some voluntary work.  It looks so good we think we’ll take a picnic lunch and who knows……maybe we’ll even see a Cassowary.

3 responses to “Here Comes The Sun …………

  1. Sounds like a good chance to check out the local Rainforest across the River.
    I have commented on Snail’s blog that that our weather has been totally different..20% of normal rainfall for May.
    And now drizzle with rain and wind predicted, just in time to annoy the Astronomers waiting for the Transit of Venus.

  2. The sun finally reappeared today! Not completely blue skies — but there are patches, which is a definite improvement.

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