Quack, Quack – Nine little ducks came back

Well not so little really, 9 Spotted Whistling Ducks have been observed feeding in our wetlands and although it is getting a bit crowded in our shrinking ponds they are finding food.  The first two photos were taken earlier this morning on our Spring Fed pond – there was at least 1 duck perched in a tree as lookout but when later on they flew over Allen on their way to Graham’s pond he counted 9.

Spotted Whistliing Ducks

Spotted Whistling Duck

Graham’s pond was also hosting approximately  fifty Spoonbills but they are more nervous than the few that have been here for a while and took off for a more secluded area on the property.  One Glossy Ibis, a new entry for the Wild Wings bird list is keeping the ducks company.

Spotted Whistling Ducks with Glossy Ibis

Spotted Whistling Ducks feeding

Spotted Whistling Ducks preening

3 responses to “Quack, Quack – Nine little ducks came back

  1. Hi Barbara
    I believe you have reported on these birds previously, but from my bird-books they are not exactly “rare” just very restricted to the far northern edge of our continent (and SE Asia).
    So I think a comment about a confirmed breeding record would be appropriate.
    Great to see them. there, anyway.

  2. Hi Denis
    We have previously reported these birds and they are not ‘rare’. However, last year there was much excitement when SWDs first appeared locally. There are no records of breeding in our area so we don’t know whether these birds are flying south from known breeding sites around Coen and Weipa or whether they come from further north in Australia or SE Asia.

  3. Interesting sighting. Although they are not rare, the report is interesting.

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