We headed south from Murray-Sunset with some trepidation on my part as we had been unable to check the forecast and I wasn’t looking forward to any more cold weather. We booked into the Meningie caravan park so we could have a bit of a tidy up and the next morning dawned fine, windy and cold so I put on a load of washing.
The Pelicans were huddling together to get some protection from the elements and as I was hanging out the washing a bloke passing by mentioned that gale force winds were expected.  I hastened back to the tent to check the weather forecast;  the outlook certainly wasn’t good so we set off for a quick drive down to the Coorong with the sky  looking exceedingly ominous.

P1020157The wind increased in intensity as the next cold front approached, and after taking a quick couple of photos we leapt back into our vehicle and headed back to camp as a few spits of rain began to hit the windscreen.
P1020162I managed to rescue the washing which was partially dry after a couple of hours in wind and sun, enough to drape the larger items around the inside of the still warm vehicle while the smaller items fitted onto a temporary line in the tent.
Pelican on the wavesBy now the waters of Lake Albert were getting very choppy and splashing against the banks of the caravan park which were being further eroded by the wave action.  The Coots had all taken to the grass along with one pink-eared Duck but the Pelican was braving the waves.
Pink-eared DuckThe wind increased in intensity as the rain started to fall and the temperature dropped – not a lot of fun in a tent.  I was wearing two layers of thermals plus everything else warm I owned and spent most of the afternoon huddled in a blanket inside the tent annex which we had zipped up.  Allen, unbelievably, was still dashing outside to check on bird calls and was very excited to report a purple-crowned Lorikeet.  I braved the elements with my waterproof jacket and hood pulled up but the raindrops falling on my glasses, as well as my binoculars, were too much of a challenge for me especially as the Lorikeets were in a tree which was being whipped around by the gale force winds.  I have come to the conclusion that I am only a fair weather bird watcher – and so I hope one day to see a purple-crowned Lorikeet in more suitable conditions.

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