Gluepot – August Part 2

A pink glow through the tent window alerted me to a spectacular daybreak and I scrambled out to capture the moment.  Although a red sky in the morning, according to folklore, is supposed to give warning to shepherds or sailors, the weather didn’t deteriorate markedly during the day ………… Gluepot Sunrise-006We experienced a couple of windy, overcast days at the start of our visit which then settled into gloriously sunny, late winter weather.  After a chilly night the sun’s rays encouraged some of our cold-blooded friends to emerge for a warm-up. Mallee Dragon-001                                                  Ctenophorus fordi  –  Mallee Dragon Bearded Dragon                                         Pogona vitticeps –  Central Bearded Dragon Painted Dragon - backview                                             Ctenophorus pictus – Painted Dragon Painted Dragon 2                                       Skink standing in log1                                                    Egernia striolata  – Tree Skink
Other warm-blooded animals, including those of us used to more tropical climes, were also happy to bask in the early morning sun.  This female White-browed Treecreeper was being so thorough with her preening that most of my shots showed her head buried deep in her feathers! It didn’t appear to be a very comfortable place but for a Treecreeper it was probably ideal.Female White-browed Tree-creeperA Grey Kangaroo and her offspring were also making the most of the sun’s warmth so we stayed still and, like them, warmed up after  the chilly night,P1020313

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