Welcomed Home

After 10 weeks travelling down the Queensland coast to Brisbane environs and returning via Carnarvon Gorge we are happy to be home.  Sleeping soundly without traffic noise until woken with bird song in the early morning is wonderful and while there have been a few places on our journey where this has been the case we’ve had to share with too many other people!
It is very dry for Daintree, our lawn has even browned off!  However, we are lucky to have a plentiful supply of good quality bore water – a precious resource indeed.

This morning I woke early and after my stretching exercises walked over to the caravan to collect a few things.  I grabbed an armful of gear and turned to the open door to see a sub-adult Cassowary peering at the open caravan door!  She has grown a lot in the last few months and has very large feet.  I spoke quietly and we observed each other for a few moments and then as she started to move away I stepped out and made my way back to the house.  For the next 15 minutes she walked around the house garden but there isn’t much here for her to feed on at the moment so she walked on.

WW&ST Cassowary in garden 1-11-2018 6-20-12 AM

WW&ST Cassowary backview 1-11-2018 6-20-39 AM

In the last few months she has filled out and grown very large feet – quite probably a ‘she’.

Our cottage resident, Dave, has been seeing this bird quite regularly and sending us photo reports.  He has a good viewing position as the cottage is right on the edge of forest.  We are all delighted to see the growth in this bird, she is obviously finding enough food.  We know she has been feeding on fruit from trees and palms in our revegetated areas and is probably also feeding in nearby forested areas.

To provide habitat for an endangered species such as the Cassowary is a wonderful warm fuzzy feeling.



2 responses to “Welcomed Home

  1. Pauline and Bill

    Hello Dear Barbara and Allen. I admit its been months since I had a peep at your incredible “refuge.”. We made the move to the Granite Belt in July. The east coast of NSW Macksville) was becoming way too busy for us. Although we lived on the edge of town, sub-divisions, both residential and industrial, were creeping in on us from all directions. We live on 5 acres, 10 klms outside of Stanthorpe on the Texas Road. No neighbours here and we have a very pleasant outlook over our little dam and a much larger dam that is used for irrigation purposes. We shall never forget our truly amazing time at Wild Wings. If you are ever down this way please do let us know. We have a very good set up for caravans (all flat and large turnaround area) and a very large shed with full ensuite, and if you visit in the colder weather, a slow combustion fire in the shed where we spent a lot of time this past winter. Our kind regards. We have very fond memories of you both. Hope you are well. Pauline and Bill Watts

    • How lovely to hear from you both – we are both well and have often thought of you and wondered how you had ‘settled down’ after your many years of travelling. We love that Granite Belt country – we visited Giraween NP in 2012 and have often talked about a return visit ……. we’ll definitely be in touch if we’re in the area. I’ve made a note of your email address!

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