Floods, mud and more…..

It has indeed been very wet this summer and it’s probably not over yet. We’ve had several floods including one major one which deposited a great deal of silt in our orchard as well as all areas below our house and garden surrounds. While watching the flood waters rise can be ‘exciting’ at times the aftermath is not, but we are exceedingly grateful that our house avoided inundation.

A layer of silt over the track to the orchard

A thick layer of mud stuck on a Mangosteen leaf -although these leaves are quite shiny the mud doesn’t wash off even when heavy rain follows the flood.
Malay Apple (Syzygium puberulum) – bursting out with it’s brilliantly coloured blooms a week after total inundation.

During the big flood, a saltwater crocodile moved into our front wetland system for a holiday. There are no pesky tour boats to disturb her here so she is able to enjoy the peace and quiet, apart from Allen occasionally mowing the bank of her pond . We first noticed her after a flood last year and she stayed for a few months only returning to the creek when our ponds became too shallow for her.
Betty Barratt appears to prefer Rupert’s pond which is the deepest and has easy access to the creek as well as convenient sunny banks on which to warm up. While it is a privilege to host an apex predator her presence does limit the delights of loitering around the edges of the ponds.

Just looking……
Basking quietly in the sun

One response to “Floods, mud and more…..

  1. Hello Barbara.

    We have been following all the news your way with the floods. Of course always see Allen’s posts which helps keeping up with all your news.

    Looks like your resident croc seems quite at home at Wild Wings and Swampy Things!

    The silt build up is incredible.

    It is a relief your house was left unscathed this time. Temperatures here are still rising and the heatwave continues. My nephew is getting married this Saturday. Reception venue is air conditioned but not the church. My nephew’s fiance` is Greek so it will be a “Big Fat Greek Wedding”. I am looking forward to getting at least some rain in early Autumn.

    Weather is no conducive to photography. We are travelling to Murray Sunset National Park just over the border of South Australia in Victoria. I am hoping to see and photograph Striated Grasswren (which I have never seen) also Red-lored Whistler, Chestnut Quai-thrush and Mallee Emu Wren. Then it is back to Adelaide and then travelling to our shack on Southern Yorke Peninsula (Corny POINT) to see how our local birdlife is going.



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