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Nesting activity

A pair of Large-billed Gerygone are once again taking advantage of a branch arching over the Spring-fed Ponds on which to construct their nest.  They made a start about 4 days ago –
I noticed one of these delightful little birds busily pulling at some silken thread that was holding two leaves together (possibly a retreat constructed by one of our many Jumping Spiders)
and watched it making a start on the nest.  A very clever design with a sloping verandah which shields the occupiers from our heavy tropical downpours, it looks remarkably  like a bit of flood debris caught on a branch.  The birds enter the nest by flying up under the sloping verandah.  I’ve been watching the building progress over a few days – Continue reading

Nesting highs and woes …..

We’re always excited to find a new bird nest but I suppose some species we watch more keenly than others.  There have been no further reports on the Papuan Frogmouth (Podargus papuensis) as the nest was deserted two weeks after we first observed it.  We have a lot of hypothetical scenarios but no real clues as to what could have happened. 

Fortunately the nesting Frogmouths on the Daintree River have been having more success. Continue reading