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Casting off the old….

…skin and although I sometimes fantasize about a total skin renewal, this post is about snakes.  I’ve written about Carpet Pythons in a previous post ‘Keeping Warm’ but this particular Carpet Python (Morelia spilota), resting on some mown grass near one of our ponds, was just starting to slough its old skin.  Continue reading

Keeping Warm

Morelia spilota (Carpet Python)

Morelia spilota (Carpet Python)

I can’t take credit for these photos or for finding the snake  but  I can tell a story to go with them.

This lovely Carpet Python was keeping warm in a sunny patch well hidden in long grass along the edge of our newest wetland system.  Although we have a lot of natural regeneration of trees and smaller herbaceous plants around the edges of the wetlands it is necessary for us to control the weeds which take every opportunity to multiply.  Allen was using a cane knife to cut down some clumps of Guinea Grass (Panicum maximum) – the species name gives you a clue about its potential size –  and luckily he works carefully keeping an eye out for sheltering creatures so he saw the snake before it was in any danger.

Carpet snake head close-up

If you look carefully in the last photo you can see the bulge – of what we are not sure – which we presume was the snake’s most recent meal.   After taking the photo Allen pulled some dead vegetation over the snake in the hope that the Whistling Kite wouldn’t spot it as it made one of its regular sweeps over the property.   The snake was in the same place later in the day so it doesn’t seem to have been too put out by the camera’s brief intrusion into its post prandial basking in the warmth.

Carpet snake showing bulge

So how many turtles can sit on one log?  Again I can’t claim accolades for the photograph but it goes with the ‘warmth’ theme.  The photo of these Saw-shelled Freshwater turtles was taken from some distance away in order to capture the group before they spotted the photographer and plopped into the water.

Saw-shelled Turtles (Elseya latisternum)

Saw-shelled Turtles (Elseya latisternum)