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Busy Breeding

Yellow Figbird Steady, soaking delicious rain is refreshing the earth, the plants and all the creatures including us.  There may be some negative aspects to living in the tropics but I wasn’t enjoying the dry crackly feeling of the last few months and I am delighted to feel the earth soft again under my tread.

The house garden is full of activity and there are several nests we have been observing closely.  Two Figbird pairs have constructed their flimsy stick nests in a Calophyllum inophyllum and a Yellow Oriole pair has built a more substantial nest in a neighbouring Syzygium angophoroides.  Not far away a Black Butcherbird pair has built a nest on a tree branch which is beautifully sheltered by a palm frond.

The Orioles have been very busy feeding a couple of youngsters as have the Black Butcherbirds.

Yellow Oriel on nest

As the adult Oriole flew off the nest this morning I looked up and was surprised to see one of the babies was sitting on the edge of the nest while the other fledgling was already flapping and jumping through the little branches of their nesting tree.  The parent bird returned to watch over them and to chase off firstly a Helmeted Friarbird and then another Oriole.

Then I watched while an adult Butcherbird smashed up a beetle on a dead tree stump and fed it’s babies.  We are wondering how long it will be before  the newly fledged Orioles become food for the Butcherbird’s hungry youngsters.

As we have a huge population of Yellow Orioles on the property we are somewhat philosophical about this possibility – it is all about keeping a balance.

Oriole fledgling on nest


Yellow Oriole fledgling