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Grey shadow

When I returned to the house this afternoon after a gardening session I noticed that all seven of our chooks were huddled under the vehicle in the carport….. and had been there for some time judging by the state of the concrete floor.

Grey Goshawk Allen saw this Grey Goshawk  a little later and managed to get a distant photo before it flew to a less obvious perch.   We are quite sure that the nervousness of our domestic egg layers was a result of the Goshawk’s presence as we have, on another occasion, observed one launch an attack on the flock, albeit unsuccessfully.

When Allen called  the chooks at lock-up time they ran from the house to the protection of  the garden in order to reach their predator-proof accommodation without incident.

Now that our ecosystem is becoming more balanced we are observing a greater variety of birds of prey.  This  Goshawk  has been recently spotted hanging out near our new wetland system while a Brown Goshawk tends to favour roosting in more forested parts of the property.

No wonder the chooks spend a lot of time cowering under the car in the carport.