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Boodjamulla – Lawn Hill National Park …. Part 2

Although we’ve been home for more than a week it has taken a little while to settle down to writing and we have had the distraction of family visiting as well – that’s enough excuses!  We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and have many treasured memories, not always accompanied by a photo! The following are a few of my favourites.

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Boodjamulla – Lawn Hill National Park

This is just a quick update post – I apologize for the lack of detail as I’m trying to type while wearing my new fingerless gloves as it is very cold sitting in the  little annex of our  tent.   We are now in Mt Isa and some of the caravan people who visited us this evening, to make sure we were okay, told us that frost is forecast for tomorrow night.  We’re glad we went shopping for some extra warm gloves and beanies today – I’m never going camping without a beanie again!

Its hard to know where to start with Lawn Hill …. there have been three good wet seasons there and many species  are enjoying the available food.  The Grevillea flowers look beautiful, especially so when there are honeyeaters working them over and the variety of seeding grasses is a bounty for finches and doves. Grevillea dryandri grows on rocky slopes amongst grasses and boulders,  as does the holly-leaved Grevillea wickhamii in the second photo below.

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