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Ugg boots and thermals

We are feeling the cold here in the tropics – especially today as the windy gusts bring an extra chill factor.  Putting on some warmer clothes and shutting the doors certainly helps but as the sun goes down we start planning warm meals!  This is not a complaint merely a subjective observation as we don’t possess a thermometer.

Considerable time has recently been spent on some much needed home maintenance as well as some work in the garden and beyond – pruning, dealing with weeds and overgrowth of vines.  Allen continues with regular bird observing while my own efforts tend to be a little haphazard.  We have both enjoyed listening to some interesting night calls, Lessy Sooty Owl and the noise of some Striped Possums [Dactylopsila trivirgata] caught our attention last week.  I heard the possums early in the evening and took a spotlight out to locate them, waiting for them to call before I could work out where to look.  No eye shine but eventually I caught sight of a fluffy tail hanging down from a branch and the back of a small possum.  The surprisingly loud, harsh noise which had alerted me to their presence was coming from another possum higher up and hidden in the foliage.  After a short time they both dropped through the branches out of sight and disappeared further down the gully.

Striped PossumStriped Possum

Striped Possums are often located at night when they are ripping bark to feed on grubs in rotting wood using their elongated 4th finger to scoop out the delicacies.  They also feed on nectar, pollen, fruit and leaves.  Their ‘skunk-like’ appearance is enhanced by a musky odour which is only obvious at close range.

Allen took these photos in our garden in May 2017.

Striped Possum