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One in the pouch

We have previously written about a female swamp wallaby, that we were seeing quite regularly, becoming quite used to our presence.  One of her daughters has been enjoying the area around  ‘Wallaby Hill’ upon which Allen has just built a little hide and she has been very tolerant of the associated construction noises.  We have been concerned about the older female’s well-being as a neighbour reported finding a dead wallaby in front of his place several months ago and neither of us had seen her anywhere for months …………..until yesterday.

Allen was delighted to see a cheeky little face peering out from its safe, secure pouch and very pleased that he just happened to be holding the camera.  The mother Wallaby just looked up in surprise and when reassured by a familiar voice she then went on inspecting the building that was gracing the sunny knoll named in honour of her trust and acceptance.

wild_wings_swampy_things_wallaby with joey