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Wild Wings & Swampy Things is the home of Barbara Maslen and Allen Sheather.  This 40ha property is a Nature Refuge situated on Barratt Creek in Daintree, Queensland, Australia.

View of Water Gums along Barratt Creek
View of Water Gums along Barratt Creek

Once cleared and marginally productive farming land it has, over the last 35 years, been restored to a productive eco-system inhabited by many species of both resident and migratory wildlife.  The various habitats represented on the property support a diverse bird population, numerous  reptiles, amphibians, small mammals and an abundance of insect life.

Bird hide overlooking Graham's Pond
Bird hide overlooking Graham’s Pond

Our house is a simple, practical design giving us a cool, well ventilated living space with beautiful views of the garden.  The long wide verandah provides a comfortable outdoor area in which to relax and enjoy the birds.

Front verandah
Quiet, private and very relaxing
Cool house - roof painted with Heatguard .
Cool house – roof painted with Heatguard .

21 responses to “About Us

  1. Hello Allen & Barbara

    I am chasing a Daintree Pine – would you have any in stock ?

    I live in Cairns – do you have an outlet here ?

    How far from Cow Bay is your property as I have friends who live at Cow Bay – perhaps I could get them to get it for me when they come to Cairns next

    Ron Jennings

  2. Dear Barbara and Allen

    We recently found a Hasenpusch family stick insect at our house in Brisbane which we identified through your article Fairies in the Garden. Unfortunately it is dead but we were taken back by its beauty.

    Is this unusual to be found in this area?

    Thanking you

    Greg Triplett

    • Greg, it is surprising that you have found a Hasenpusch family stick insect in Brisbane. “So far it has been found only in rainforest in parts of northern Queensland ….” according to the habitat notes in “The Complete Guide to Stick and Leaf Insects of Australia”. Perhaps you could get in touch with Jack Hasenpusch, especially if you have some photographic evidence, as I am sure he would be interested.

  3. Dear Allen and Barbara

    Congratulations on all your habitat restoration and wonderful photography. My training in ecology was in the UK where I managed a small nature reserve to maintain its ground orchid population – but I have now lived in Brisbane for 35 years, and write children’s books. My latest one, ‘Once a Creepy Crocodile’ (in rhyme to the rhythm of Waltzing Matilda) features many Australian wildlife characters. I am including true facts about these on my website
    and wonder if you would allow me to use one of your images of blossom bats, with acknowledgement and a link to your site? Please contact me at Peter (at) writing-for-children.com

    All best wishes

    Peter Taylor

  4. Thank you so much – that’s very generous.
    Peter 🙂

  5. Dear Allen and Babara,

    I’m a year 4 environmental biology student from National University of Singapore currently working on a species page for Eonycteris spelaea for my module. I would like to request for permission on the use of your photos of Durian flowers and the Blossom bat visiting it. I will credit the photos accordingly.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  6. Thanks for your reply! 🙂

  7. Hi I am in FNQ for next 2 weeks and interested in whether you have seen Spotted Whistleduck recently. Cheers Jim

  8. Jennifer Carrick

    Looks awesome!

  9. Dear Allen and Barbara, I would love to use one of your photos of cassowary scat for a manuscript I am writing about seed dispersal by ratites. If you wouldn’t mind emailing me at carpenter.jk@gmail.com I would be very grateful! Of course, you would receive full credit for the photo. Many thanks,
    Jo Carpenter
    PhD Candidate
    University of Canterbury

  10. Simon lee McGovern

    Hi Barbara and Allen, my name is Simon and I live in Stewart St in the village( nan mealings old house). I noticed you have mangosteen trees growing on your property.
    I have a well established fully mature mangosteen tree planted long before my time living here and being this is only my second year living in the tropics growing fruits .
    I was wondering if I could stop by your property sometime and compare growing conditions and see how you maintain your mangosteen trees. Thankyou kind regards Simon

  11. Jessica Germaine Shull

    Barbara, hello. I wanted to ask about using your orchid photo (Durubaculum nindii) in an image for a eBook I’m trying to publish. Is there a fee for use charge?Your name would of course go in the book too. Mnay thanks, Jessica Shull

  12. Dear Allen and Barbara,

    Kudos on wildwings. It is such a beautiful and interesting body of work.Thanks for sharing nature’s wonders.

    I am working on a book entitled “Never forgetting Balik Pulau”. Balik Pulau is a village in Penang, Malaysia and is famous for its durians. I would like to seek your permission to use one of your photos in this book where a bat is pollination the durian flowers. The amazing thing is that you have managed to capture the bat with its tongue out, lapping up the nectar. I will be happy to acknowledgement both of you and this website in the book.

    Many thanks.
    Adrian Cheah

    • Thank you for your comments Adrian. We would be happy for you to use the photo with appropriate acknowledgement. It was Allen who managed to capture the tongue lapping up the nectar. It is a wonderful experience to stand under the flowering tree with the bats fluttering all about.

  13. Dear Barbara, I am delighted at your response and will acknowledge the usage of the beautiful photograph accordingly. Thanks you again for such a gracious reply. Warn regards, Adrian Cheah.

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