Great-billed Heron

Great-billed Heron

My photos do not do justice to this magnificent and somewhat stately bird.  The Lumix has been tested to its limits but I couldn’t resist posting the photos anyway.  Although this is certainly not the  first sighting of Great-billed Heron on our property it’s presence always generates excitement and I am happy to have some photographic record.  I acknowledge there is room for improvement!

Great-billed Heron

Yesterday’s guests saw this Heron in a couple of locations during their morning visit .  In the afternoon I walked to the hide and was surprised to find the GBH in full view on the edge of one of the islands.  I watched it for some time before risking a return to the house for the camera.                                                                                                             Unfortunately the bird moved to the far end of Graham’s pond, where we have recently slashed some Para grass – not really the background I would have chosen.

The weather is starting to warm up and without any recent rain the ponds are drying up quite rapidly which means there are greater areas of shallow water with a concentrated food source so there are quite a few opportunistic birds enjoying some easy meals.

8 responses to “Great-billed Heron

  1. Great find.
    Nothing wrong with your photos. Well and truly identifiable.
    Besides, I would report something as unusual as that, with ANY photograph.

  2. A beautiful bird and good that you got some photos. It’s seems to be always the way that the bird is in the perfect position when the camera is not!

  3. Great to see a bird out in the open and not hidden deep in creek growth or mangroves.

  4. G’day Barbara,
    What a wonderful bird to visit your ponds. The photos are great.

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