Bottlebrush Orchid – Coelandria smillieae

Bottlebrush Orchid - Coelandria smillieae

Bottlebrush Orchids are once again in flower at Wildwings.

    This unusual orchid, which was previously known as Dendrobium smillieae, prefers to grow on flaky barked trees such as Melaleucas and Leichhardts.

In this case it is Melalueca leucadendra.

   The flowers form at the ends of long canes in a tight cluster. Sometimes, as in this case above, the spike will split into two heads making the “bottlebrush” a little strange.

Newly opening flowers

Flowers begin to open from the bottom of the cane towards the tip of the spike and last several weeks before collapsing.

The flowers are a subtle blend of soft pink, white and green.

Unlike some of the more flamboyant orchid flowers the petals of the Bottlebrush Orchid are fused together for much of their length and consequently are tube-like with a ruffle of fringed petals towards the ends.

Close-up of Flower

3 responses to “Bottlebrush Orchid – Coelandria smillieae

  1. That is a very beautiful flower. I like the photo taken with the tree trunk in the background. It must be great to have such lovely things growing naturally around your place.

  2. Hi Allan
    Lovely and unusual Orchid.
    It doesn’t look like most other Denbrobium species. I can see why it has been reclassified.
    Lovely subtle colouring.

  3. Yes Mick thats the bit that we like best. Establishing some habitat and things turn up.

    I found a very large flowering specimen at the mouth of Barratt Creek where it flows into the Daintree River the other day Denis and it had about 15 canes with flowers on it. Truly spectacular


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