Gardening with Friends

Carlia longipes While weeding the garden I was amused to have this little skink (Carlia longipes I think) waiting to see what delicacies I unearthed in the process.  It was quite distracting, in a delightful sort of way, to watch his antics and I finally decided to go inside for a camera.  Although I  mostly couldn’t identify what he was eating I did see him rush towards me, impossibly close to focus, and grab a juicy little caterpillar. Carlia longipes I have since discovered that while the heavy steps of a person walking will send them into hiding, quiet weeding noises make them curious.  I am going to be much slower weeding the garden in future but it is going to be lots more fun with my new friends –  I know he is not alone out there because we watch them basking on rocks and paving stones and dashing about grabbing insects.  I’m just glad the chooks were still locked up as they also like to “help” in the garden and this story may have had a different ending.

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