Early morning on the beach

We rose early and checked the sky, decided that the scattered cloud cover still gave us a chance of a decent view of the eclipse and so we drove down the road to Wonga Beach.  Too many trees at Wild Wings for a decent view of the lower regions of the sky!   We eventually chose a position on the grass overlooking the sand and settled in our chairs with some Mangosteens and a cup of tea.

Allen was in charge of the camera – the photos taken through the welding shield  had a rather eerie green tinge  so I’m pleased he managed some without!

This is about as dark as it became but that was enough to excite the children in front of us, one of whom had dressed in his Spiderman outfit for the occasion. The parents of these children were enjoying champagne  and some others further along the beach looked like they had been readying themselves on a variety of substances since the night before! However, there was plenty of space for everyone and it was very peaceful.

In spite of grey clouds obscuring the sun we did manage some good glimpses at various stages of the eclipse although it did not become as dark as I remember it during the total eclipse in Melbourne in the mid 70’s.
On that occasion I was the one enjoying the champagne along with many others at a rather good afternoon party.
There are many ways to experience a solar eclipse.

4 responses to “Early morning on the beach

  1. Makes a change from Cyclones, anyway.
    Denis Wilson

  2. I like your way of enjoying the eclipse! This was a bit too far south except for some partial glimpses but the light outside became very unusual – quite a yellow tint to everything.

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