Not too close

Two species of native, colonial paper wasps are building nests in the same palm in our garden although they are on different leaves and well separated by height.  The Polistes species in this photograph are quite low and I’m treating them with a great deal of respect; I know how painful their stings are!  It is, however, fascinating to observe their behaviour and the nest construction is a work of art.

Native colonial paper wasps

Native colonial paper wasps

Although the adult wasps feed on nectar their larvae are fed a high protein diet which includes caterpillars.  And in the midst of this typical wet season weather we have a lot of caterpillars munching into the lush new growth on our trees as well as helping themselves to a variety of our green vegetables.

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  1. Hi Barbara
    Noticed your comment on Tony’s blog (Tyto Tony) about searching for Nature Blogs.
    We have an informal group, and I have added your Blog to a group of people who link to each other.
    Denis Wilson

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