Mt Lewis spectacular day

What a wonderful day was had by all on our day out to Mt Lewis.

Barb and I and her brother Richard and wife Susie headed up to Mt Lewis arriving mid morning.

We were able to see most of the must see birds that are sought on that moist mountain top.

Golden Bowerbird, Toothbilled Bowerbird, Spotted Catbird, Chowchilla, Atherton Srubwren, Yellow Throated Scrubwren, Fern Wren, Grey Headed Robin, Pale Yellow Robin and a host of others.

But we also went to see what orchids may be in flower and while there were not quite as many as we would have liked and we were not able to drive right to the end of the road due to road works we did enjoy what we saw.

Thelychiton adae - Slender Cane Orchid

Thelychiton adae - Slender Cane Orchid

The Slender Cane Orchid (pictured right) was quite common, but usually seen high up in large trees. This plant was previously known as Dendrobium adae.

As can be seen in the attached photo the plants were often seen growing in colonies on older trees with a host of other epiphytic plants.

Trachyrhizum agrostophyllum - Buttercup Orchid

Trachyrhizum agrostophyllum - Buttercup Orchid

The Buttercup Orchids were not as common and were in the early stages of flowering.

Once again they were a bit high up in the trees so not so easy to get a good photo of the flower.

This plant was previously known as Dendrobium a.


Dockrillia linguiformis - Thumbnail Orchid

Dockrillia linguiformis - Thumbnail Orchid

The final post is of a small orchid with a vibrant white flower and a tongue-shaped (hence the species name linguiformis) leaf.

Once again growing high on a tree trunk in a well lit and ventilated spot.

A very easily overlooked plant as the leaves sit flat against the tree trunk. I only spotted it because I saw the flowers sticking out from the trunk.

Sorry that the photos are not crystal clear but we were at full zoom on all of them and white flowers tend to flare a bit.

4 responses to “Mt Lewis spectacular day

  1. Lots of good Orchids there.
    I know the problems of getting good image of the epiphytic Orchids.
    Dockrillia linguiformis grows close by here, in Kangaroo Valley, on Casuarinas. The others are all totally unfamiliar to me.
    Thanks for the post.

  2. Hi Denis, The mist forest of the uplands are a wonderful place to find a whole host of orchids.
    Unfortunately we were unable to go to the top so had to admire some of those that occur at slightly low altitude. But you would love the tops of mountains such as Mt Lewis. Allen

  3. on one day trip to Mt Lewis I recorded over 40 orchid species!Did you see the big freshwater crayfish in the creeks. They are awesome! The lower orchid in your Adae photo is Dendrobium jonesii which used to be Dendrobium ruppianum and before that Dendrobium fusiforme. Dont you love the way botanists play with orchid names…(BTW jonesii is no longer current either)!!! Great Blog and good work cheers Russ

  4. Hi,

    Nice pics, just to let you know the orchids in the big rainforest tree are actualy Thelychiton jonesii spp jonesii.

    Thanks again for sharing and keep up the good work.



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